Helleman Construction offers services to the Residential, Agricultural, and ICI sectors.

Helleman Construction offers a wide variety of services to both industry professionals and property owners. Let us help you bring your, or your client’s, project to fruition. We offer assistance in Planning Applications (minor variances, consents/severances, zoning amendments), Permitting (building permits, septic permits, conservation permits, shoreline/in water work permits), and Project Management (complete projects, procurement, research).

Septic Design

Helleman Construction is a qualified Part 8 design firm for Sewage Systems regulated by the Ontario Building Code.



We know how to navigate the municipal permitting process and avoid delays to your building project.

Project Management

We have an extensive background managing construction projects in a range of sectors, with a proven trades network.

Although Don is an Ontario Building Code qualified designer, his specialty is septic design and carrying projects through the full permitting process, rather than building design itself. Helleman Construction works in tandem with talented local designers to generate building designs, and can provide referrals if you are looking specifically for someone to design your structure.